Richard Etheridge's Story

PACE Class - 18 June 17

When I grew up in the South, I didn't really have it in my head that my grandfather, my father's father, was a Methodist preacher because he died before I was born. I grew up on a small farm in Virginia that scientists predict will be under water about 2080. It was only about 3 feet above sea level last time I checked.

My father's mother still lived on a farm that is a little inland, but we lived on the back bay in Virginia, which would be on the northern most part of the inland intercoastal waterway.

The church we went to was a little to the north of us and perhaps a little bit higher ground. When hurricanes came through, you could swim in my front yard where there were cat tails, so I always would get typhoid shots because we went swimming there.

I remember distinctly that on the Sundays after a hurricane, we would take a boat to go to church, which would tell you of our determination to go to church.