Mike Foley's Story

PACE Class - 18 June 17

I sat here listening to everyone, trying to figure out what I could say about my dad, because most of the time he was absent. His job was to fly and cover a large part of the United States as an auditor. He also was a terrible drinker, and it really hurt our upbringing.

He left when I was 12 without saying goodbye, and my mom took over his responsibilities to financially provide for us. We continued on to school, and I loved her for it, but also, we didn't get the loving and holding, the kind of things that really are essential to growing up.

I always tried to think about the good side, and that's a little trick I learned, because I had so many bad things to deal with, and I learned that it always creates a negative energy inside of you. It dissipates, and there is no way you're going to talk yourself out of feeling that way, but what I did was, I learned to flip it over and use the energy for something good. Because there is no reason why you should punish yourself because something bad happened to you.

I just wanted to pass that on to all of you, whenever something bad happens, try to flip it and turn it into something good.