Jan Etheridge's Story

PACE Class - 18 June 17

My grandmother tells me a story about her father, that he was always the one who led the singing at their church. At that time they did not have hymn books, so whenever one of her sisters or she would bring a young man to church to visit, her father would say Yes or No, depending on whether they already knew the lines of the hymns. So if they knew the lines of the hymns, they passed the test. And if they didn't, they were out.

The story about my father that I want to share is when he came to visit, I was single at the time, between my first marriage and my second, and there was a single's Sunday School class that was very active. My parents went to Sunday School and worship every Sunday and said, "We will go with you." "You don't have to go", I told them. But this particular week the class was talking to the men, talking about friendship. They put the women in chairs around an outer circle, and the men in chairs in an inner circle, and my dad went to sit in the inner circle. They didn't care, that's what they were supposed to do, that's what you did. The leader had everybody say what friendship means. It gets to my father, and my father says "My best friend is Jesus."