Floy Rorie's Story

PACE Class - 18 June 17

Ken had the pleasure and blessing of knowing my father. I knew Ken's dad, too, and we were both glad to have the fathers that we did. My father was an extremely shy man. He was not comfortable in crowds.

When the minister in our little church would be gone, he would always ask my dad to do the Wednesday night service. My dad was a blue collar worker. He never got past 9th grade. He grew up during the Depression. His mother was so poor she had to put her sons in an orphanage. So part of his growing up he was an orphan. When he turned 16, she enrolled him in the Navy, because that is where she knew that he and his brother would get care.

So he had a very tough life. But once he had discovered the love of God, his life became very different. I know today thinking about this, talking with Nelson and Greg and Ford, that my love of learning was my father's. He may have only made it through the 9th grade, but he read law books, he read theological books that most of us would drop dead before we would open. And he passed that love of learning to me and my brothers and sisters.