Clyde Rupert's Story

PACE Class - 18 June 17

My story is similar to Dave's. I was from a large family, and my dad never went to church. We went to church all the time, because of my mother.

My dad wasn't a bad person, but like Dave, when it came to parenting, I had a model to NOT be like.

What happens, when you're in a situation like that, believe it or not, when you look back over your life, you see that you looked for a dad in many different places. I found some really good dads, in the peak of my work at Texas Instruments. They were basically heroes to me. Now I didn't have "dad" conversations with them. But they were real heroes to me.

And then when I met Debbie, it turns out her brother-in-law was a Methodist minister. When I heard him talking about the day he found the Lord, it was just so striking, a phrase that I had never heard before. So I kept looking over time if that was consistent, and it was. He was a guy that absolutely believed in God and Jesus and everything he did. And again, I would always be testing. We would be up there visiting some times when I would hear him in the garage, preaching his sermon, out loud so he could get ready for it.

The point in bringing all this up is that you may be a father to someone that you never thought of before, because they were also looking for a father figure. They probably didn't tell you, but the legacy you brought to the community that you served, however you served it, could have been a fatherhood legacy to someone you may never know. So keep it up.