Last Sunday

Linda Merrill opened our class with thoughts on Labor Day – its meaning and purpose.  She reminded us of the vast changes in our lives and how those changes have impacted our opportunity to recognize and appreciate the workers in our country.  Her thoughts and words helped refocus my attention on how much we, as a country, owe those who have labored on our behalf to build the country, its businesses and the lives we enjoy today.


The PACE class is delighted to welcome our return visitors, Anne and Jerry Roddy – we certainly hope you find a welcoming home with us in the PACE Class.  Class members – if you have not yet met Anne and Jerry, be sure to take the opportunity to introduce yourselves and give them the warm welcome this class is known for.


Nelson Cain did a wonderful job presenting the lesson last week, talking in detail about the United Methodist Book of Discipline.  Those of you familiar with the Book of Discipline understand how daunting a task it is to describe, in terms easily understood, the structure, contents and purpose of the book and how it is used within the United Methodist Church.  Nelson was assisted, and very ably I might add, by the Book of Discipline Jeopardy contestants Barb Petsel and Greg Ellis.

 I have to admit that as the lesson unfolded, I became very anxious about how I would adequately convey the information shared in the lesson.  Nelson came to my rescue and has had the entire PowerPoint presentation posted on the PACE website. You will find the presentation on the Programs Page.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find the link to the presentation.  I encourage you to access it, especially if you are not familiar of the beliefs, organizational structure and policies of the United Methodist Church.  For those of you interested in more information, there is a free interactive version of the 2016 Book of Discipline and the 2016 Book of Resolutions available online on the Cokesbury website at:


Last Sunday Carol Nelson provided our snacks – where would we have been without the support and nourishment provided by the Nelson family? Thanks, Carol, you were a gracious host for us!

 Closing Prayer

Our closing prayer was led by Linda Morin. 


Adele & Mark England's daughter will finish her combat training & will then go to her school of operation to be trained in her military specialty.

Ann Sielert found out what medication was making her sick and now is on the road to recovery.


Susan & Ford's grandson Jack broke his collar bone.
Susan's cousin passed away this week.

Liz Edwards's cousin was one of the people who lost everything during hurricane Harvey.

Liz & Ken Edward's daughter-in-law and grandson are in Turkey. Their son will join them in late September.



Mitas Hill Vineyard

September 23

3:00 pm tour/tasting and/or 5:00 pm wine bistro.
Vineyard Tour only is $10 + tax.
Tour and wine tasting is $21.25.

Bistro at 5:00 pm with a separate menu that includes pizza, salads, antipasto tray, and wine.
You can do both or just meet at the wine Bistro.

Contact Jan Etheridge with questions or to sign up

From Ken Rorie:

Kay McGowan, the head of the CUMC "Church by Special Delivery" ministry, has asked the PACE class for volunteers to assist with resident sing-alongs at various nursing homes in the Plano area.  The sing-alongs are normally done during the weekdays and Kay says they are very relaxed and casual.  The volunteers have a lot of flexibility as to commitment days and if someone needs to miss occasionally, it is no problem.  There are normally multiple volunteers involved at the same time.   

Kay says it is incredible how much the residents enjoy the sing-alongs and how therapeutic they are for the residents.  We have seen some of this musical interaction from the Brookdale residents during our services.  Someone who can hardly carry on a conversation suddenly starts singing hymns from memory as we conduct the service, etc. 

 Anyone who is interested to contact me at or Kay directly at to volunteer their time & talents.

Save the date/weekend, Oct 20-22, 2017!  

CUMC will join as a church community to see the movie “Same Kind of Different as Me” when it is released that weekend.  

 Manville Family Newsletter

The newest edition of the Manville family’s newsletter can be found at -


This coming Sunday 

Be sure to be in class this Sunday to hear Barb and Marv Petsel present information on the Sager Brown Ministry.  This will be a very timely lesson to address how UMCOR is in ministry throughout the country and the world to those in need. 

 Join a Committee!

A new Sunday School year begins at the beginning of September and some people are needed to step up and take a leadership position. All of the committees in the PACE class are working hard to make the Class vibrant with great programs and great fellowship. All members are strongly encouraged to be a part of one of the committees. Volunteers and those who can help when needed are especially needed for these committees: Care, Leadership, Greeters, and Program.


General Information:

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Want to update PACE website?

Email Richard Etheridge:

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Closing Prayer – 9/10/17  Marvin Petsel

 A Few Additional Announcements: 

 This coming Sunday, September 10, will be the last time that the sign-up list will be passed around concerning Dinner Groups.  It was explained that each group has 7-8 members in it and that they usually meet at least 4 times a year.  You can mark a preference for meeting "Home Only", "Restaurant Only", or "Either".  If you marked " Either", you will need to be flexible with the group that you are in.  For example, a group that has 4 "Home Only" and 4 "Either", will most likely meet in a home.  The same goes if "Either" people are in with "Restaurant Only" people.  

People mark preferences for many reasons, so please be cognizant of that.  Also, we try not to place people in a group that they have been with for the past 2 years.  We try to mix the groups up as best as we can.

 If you have not been able to sign up yet and won't be in class this Sunday, please email Prissy Wisnewski,, by next Sunday.


Next Men’s Breakfast

The next PACE Men’s Breakfast will be at 8:00 am, September  28th, at Tony's, 909 W. Spring Creek, Plano.