Last Sunday


Linda Merrill opened class today with a devotional based on a story from “The Long View”. 


Anne Roddy revisited PACE today and was accompanied by her husband, Jerry.  Welcome Back!


Laurie Kendig and Shayne Warner presented our lesson today on Project Hope.  Project Hope was begun by Don Underwood in 2002 and has been funded by the Texas Methodist Foundation since 2007.  The program focuses on seven areas: Family, Faith, Education, Career, Budget, Health, and Personal Issues.  It provides Coaching, Mentoring and Training for families in need.  The goal is to break the “Cycle of Poverty” that many of our poorest families have been stuck in for years.


Components that make Project Hope impactful to selected families are:


1.    A “Contract for Success” – goals and expectations are agreed to and measured.

2.    Coaching and Mentoring – Family members are given help and guidance to help them achieve their goals.

3.    A Self-Sustaining “Transformation of Life” – Gives Hope to those feeling trapped due to life’s circumstances.


There are many different volunteer opportunities available: Coaches/Tutors/Mentors, Computer/IT trainers & hardware “refurbishers”, sponsors for families and monetary donations. 


Over the years, seven Project Hope families have purchased HOTC homes and five of its members have become U.S. Citizens!


For more information on Project Hope:

Also, there will be a table set-up in the atrium on Sept. 10th where you can get more information or answers to your questions.


David Johnson has set-up a link on our web-page that has todays lesson (plus other pertinent links) for those that would like to see it again or for those that missed today’s lesson:        


Snacks were provided by Jim and Chris Alexander.

The closing Prayer was given by Linda Morin.




Sharon Rankin was commissioned as a Stephen Minister today in church. Congratulations to Sharon. The PACE class is very proud.


Sherry Hartman was back in class today after her trip to Germany with her son and his family.


John and Betty had an enjoyable trip to DC last week. The plane John flew in Viet Nam, Bird Dog, was enshrined in the new aviation museum of the Smithsonian. John and other involved veterans were honored at the ceremony.



Prayers go out to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Several class members have family in the area. All are reported to be safe at this time. We pray they all stay safe.


Linda Merrill requests prayers for her friend who might be dealing with cancer.


Prayers continue for Roy Crutchfield who is recovering from a severe Urinary Tract Infection. He is home and on antibiotics.


Barbara Wheat’s sister-in-law who is battling cancer, fell and broke her back. Prayers for her.


Marlin Stanbury will have those “Yucky” tests this Wednesday. They had to be postponed from last reported.



Sharon Rankin was among the 14 newest Stephen Ministers that were commissioned today.  


Karla Brown announced there will be wine tasting event at the Midas Hill Winery in McKinney on 9/23.  There will be a tour, a wine-tasting, and a dinner at their Bistro – you can sign-up for 1, 2 or all 3 events.


Carol Cain announced there will be a chili cook-off on 10/28.  More information will be forthcoming.


Adele England passed around the sign-up sheet for the “Send Hope” mission on Sept. 30 at 10 AM.  12-15 volunteers are needed for this mission.


In addition, sign-up sheets were passed around for this years’ Dinner Groups and for Closing Prayer slots.


Save the date/weekend, Oct 20-22, 2017!  CUMC will join as a church community to see the movie “Same Kind of Different as Me” when it is released that weekend.  


For this and other CUMC-wide announcements, see the latest “Morning Watch”,


Looking Ahead-Next Class Year!


Soon the PACE Leadership Team will be initiating the process of contacting all current PACE team leaders to begin the process of finding next year’s staffing.  This will mean finding class members to help on all the PACE teams.  This year all have been doing an excellent job of exceeding our expectations.  It is important that our class members find a way to participate, either as an individual or as a leader in our class, so we can continue to enjoy the benefits of a strong Sunday school class.  We hope that each of you will help meet this challenge. 


Next Men’s Breakfast

The next PACE Men’s Breakfast will be at 8:00 am, Aug. 31st, at Tony's,

909 W. Spring Creek, Plano.


This coming Sunday 


Nelson Cain will present “Methodism 101: Book of Discipline and Social Principles”.


Snacks will be provided by Carol and Nelson Cain.


Our closing prayer will again be given by Linda Morin.


Join a Committee!


A new Sunday School year begins at the beginning of September and some people are needed to step up and take a leadership position. All of the committees in the PACE class are working hard to make the Class vibrant with great programs and great fellowship. All members are strongly encouraged to be a part of one of the committees. Volunteers and those who can help when needed are especially needed for these committees: Care, Leadership, Greeters, and Program.


General Information:

Wish to contact PACE class leadership?


Wish to view general PACE information?


Want to update PACE website?

Email Richard Etheridge:

Wish to join the PACE Facebook Group?

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