Last Sunday


Sharon Rankin opened class today with a prayer. 


Mark Wisnewski visited our class today and assisted his mother in today’s lesson.


Prissy Wisnewski presented today’s lesson, based on Don Underwood’s book “The Long View – Reflections on Life, God, and Nature”.  It is a collection of some of Don’s Thursday columns that he has been writing for many years.  Many of the stories in his book have been inspired while spending time spent on, or traveling to/from his “Siete Ranch”.


Several members from PACE took part in reading inspiring excerpts from this book: Rosemary Ellis, Ken Rorie, Elaine Riggs, Russ Simmonds and Prissy Wisnewski.  Prissy then engaged the class with questions relating to each these stories.


A copy of the “The Long View” can easily be purchased at the CUMC reception desk, in front of the main Sanctuary, or it can be purchased through many different bookstores or online vendors such as Barnes & Noble or Amazon.


Editor’s comment: I would encourage anyone who has not yet read this book to buy, beg, borrow (but not steal) a copy. I just got home with a copy.  Thanks, Prissy for the lesson today.  I hope we get a sequel to this lesson and I hope that a sequel to this book is in “the works”, too.


Snacks were provided by the Petsels.


The closing Prayer was given by Prissy Wisnewski.




Sandy Page thanked everyone for calls, cards, and emails following her surgery. 


Dennis Page announced that he has sold his business and is "FREE AT LAST."


Margaret Johnson recommended OLLI courses through UNT. 


David Lewis thanks the class members for cards and emails of support. 





Roy Crutchfield is in the Baylor hospital with a bladder infection. He is expected to be there a few days. 


Ann Sielert's health issues continue.  She will have a colonoscopy Wednesday.  Prayers for her.





Sharon Rankin read a ‘Thank You’ note from “School On Sunday” for the donation PACE class made to this mission.


Adele England announced that the date for the “Send Hope” mission will be at 10:00AM on Sept. 30th (not the 23rd as originally stated), and that it will be held in the room next to the CLC kitchen.  A sign-up sheet for the 12-15 volunteers needed will be passed around next Sunday.


Several sign-up sheets were passed around:  Dinner Groups, Snacks and Care Committee (see Next Item).


Vicki Smith is in need of a few more volunteers for the Care committee for the upcoming year, starting in September. This is not a labor-intensive committee. I have been able to keep things covered via email, no meetings. I really am in need of someone to coordinate meals from September through November.


This simply means you would call people on a sign-up list and schedule them to take a meal to one of our members in need. Sometimes no meal is needed for the entire quarter. I'd like to stress, you don't have to prepare and deliver the meals, just organize from a generous list of volunteers.  If you are interested in serving, please email me at, call me at 469-994-8000, or see me in Sunday School. 



For CUMC-wide announcements, see the latest “Morning Watch”


Looking Ahead - Next Class Year!


Soon the PACE Leadership Team will be initiating the process of contacting all current PACE team leaders to begin the process of finding next year’s staffing.  This will mean finding class members to help on all the PACE teams.  This year all have been doing an excellent job of exceeding our expectations. 


It is important that our class members find a way to participate, either as an individual or as a leader in our class, so we can continue to enjoy the benefits of a strong Sunday school class.  We hope that each of you will help meet this challenge. 



Next Men’s Breakfast


The next PACE Men’s Breakfast will be at 8:00 am, Aug. 31st, at Tony's,

909 W. Spring Creek, Plano.


This coming Sunday 


Laurie Kendig will give an update on the “Project Hope” mission.

Snacks will be provided by Jim and Chris Alexander.

Our closing prayer will be given by Linda Morin.


Join a Committee!


A new Sunday School year begins at the beginning of September and some people are needed to step up and take a leadership position. All of the committees in the PACE class are working hard to make the Class vibrant with great programs and great fellowship. All members are strongly encouraged to be a part of one of the committees. Volunteers and those who can help when needed are especially needed for these committees: Care, Leadership, Greeters, and Program.




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