Last Sunday


Jay Green led class today with an opening prayer and a very funny joke.


Jay thanked Duane McGrath for his help in moving the auction items for Emily’s Place.




The class welcomed our visitors - Stan Kucharski, Linda Payne and Nancy Hagberg.  This was Stan’s second visit to PACE.  Welcome to each of you.  PACE members – be sure to extend to these folks the friendly greetings we are known to offer. 




Lenten communion is offered Monday-Friday, 8:00-9:30 AM in the Chapel.


Maundy Thursday communion service will be in the Sanctuary on March 29 at 7 PM.


Good Friday Traditional Service will be held at noon on Friday, March 30.

Good Friday Family Service will be held at 6:30 PM in Room 211 (The Hangar)


Sager Brown Mission Volunteers will be commissioned on Easter Sunday in the Table of Grace


PACE class will not meet on Easter Sunday morning.


PACE class members will serve lunch for School on Sunday on 4/22.  Sign ups will be forthcoming.

The next PACE Men’s Breakfast will be Thursday at 8:00 am, April 26, 2018 at Tony's, 909 W. Spring Creek, Plano. 



Perkins School of Theology will be offering classes open to the public during the spring term.  Contact Cathy Sweeney for details.





Floy Rorie introduced our guest speaker today, Reverend Tami Galloway.  Originally from Columbia, MO, Tami was a teacher for many years and was recently commissioned as a Deacon.   Her lesson today was on “Staying in Love with God”.


John Wesley’s 3 general rules of Methodism - 

1. Do good

2. Do no harm 

3. Attend upon the ordinances of God or “Staying in Love with God”.


How do we nurture our relationship with God?  It is through the act of devotion.  Practicing Wesley’s “Holy Habits”; such as public worship, searching the Scriptures, Holy Communion, fasting, and prayer.


Prayer is communion and conversation with God – both speaking and listening to God.  How we do this is not important.  But, it is never a monologue or a “to-do list” for God.


Prayer is a means by which we attain God’s Grace – In praying, He works with and through us.


As a class activity, Tami led us in an exercise of Contemplative Prayer.

If you were not in attendance, the attached email will take you through this exercise.  Or, she leads a group that is learning new ways to pray and spiritual practices:


Circle of Grace – Covenant Prayer Group

Sundays from 4-5:30 in the Coffee Hall Classroom.


We ended class with a short Q and A.



Nelson forwarded this from Tami:  (The handout is attached to this email.)

Thank you again for inviting me to speak with your class yesterday.  Attached is a handout with instructions for the "Lectio Divina" guided meditation with scripture practice I shared with your group.  This approach, of using our imaginations in prayer, was instituted by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order of Catholic priests.



Betty Palmer provided our snacks.


Greg Ellis gave the closing prayer




- Bill and Sherry Hartman's family is coming for a visit from Germany.

- Ken and Liz Edwards' daughter has finished her duties in Turkey and will be working at the embassy.




- Russ Simmonds is dealing with some uncomfortable pleurisy issues. 


- Jim Merrill is scheduled for surgery. Prayers for a good outcome.


- Ned LaRowe will be having his procedure to slow his heart rate down. Prayers for Ned and Sally. 


- John and Betty Estill are still helping John's sister assimilate in her new environment. 


- The Mather's need prayers for their daughter. 


- Mark England asked for prayers for the family of his uncle who passed away.


- Mike Foley will have a screening test this week and asked for prayers for a good outcome. 


We have an urgent need for more volunteers to serve on the Care Committee. Our class has grown, but not the Committee. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Vicki Smith at or call me at 
469-994-8000. If you have questions we can always talk at Sunday School.  More information was sent in a separate email regarding the functions and structure of the Care Committee. 


Morning Watch update – will be forwarded to the class by email later in the week.   


This coming Sunday


PACE Class will not meet this Sunday.  I hope each of you has a blessed Easter. 



Join a Committee!


A new Sunday School year begins at the beginning of September and some people are needed to step up and take a leadership position. All of the committees in the PACE class are working hard to make the Class vibrant with great programs and great fellowship. All members are strongly encouraged to be a part of one of the committees. Volunteers and those who can help when needed are especially needed for these committees: Care, Leadership, Greeters, and Program.  


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