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Please be on-time for the next PACE class on Jan. 7th as the Manville’s will need the full hour for their presentation - Thanks


Last Sunday


John Estill opened class with a prayer.



Ken Rorie reminded us that we are doing the normal 4th Sunday Brookdale service on January 14th, so that we don’t interfere with the PACE Class field trip to the Biblical Arts Museum on Jan 28th.  We have several volunteers signed up, but still need:

1.  Service leader
2.  Musician
3.  Music leader
4.  General assistant

Please contact Ken at if you would like to volunteer.

Floy Rorie passed around the sign-up sheet for the field trip to the Biblical Arts Museum on Jan. 28th


The PACE Class will serve dinner for the Journey of Hope meeting on Thursday, February 8th.  Contact Marv Petsel if you would like to help.



Today was Social/Summary Sunday.  No formal lesson.  Class broke into groups to discuss and give feedback to the Programming committee on the last 6 months of PACE lessons.



Snacks were brought by everyone for Social Sunday.


The closing prayer was given by John Estill.






Barb Petsel’s friend, Linda Marsdon Thomas, passed away on Christmas Eve after a short illness. She was very active in giving her time and experiences to help others.


Sue Anne was admitted to Baylor Frisco Sunday afternoon for pneumonia.  She is likely to be in the hospital at least a couple of days.  Please lift her up in your prayers for good health soon.  


Susan Griffith asked for prayers for her friend, Carol Ann, who will start tough chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer.


Ann Crutchfield’s mother is getting better, but very slowly. Roy and Ann ask for prayers for her.


Amy, daughter of Ken and Floy Rorie, will begin the search for a new job. She has worked for the same company for 8 years, but they are having financial difficulties.


Floy Rorie asks for prayers for a dear friend. She recovered from breast cancer, but the cancer has reoccurred in her bones. The cancer was caught early, and they are hopeful.


Prayers for safe travels for Chris and Jim Alexander.


Jan Etheridge asked for prayers for her son-in-law’s mother. She has important decisions to make and needs strength and wisdom.


Kevin Danner needs continued prayers for an issue with recent colon surgery and for healing enough to have additional reconstructive surgery. Also, prayers for his wife, Val, who has MS.



The Morin’s enjoyed a holiday visit with the Manville’s.  They are in the preparation process for missionary work in Papua, New Guinea.


The Alexanders had 8 grandchildren here for holiday.


The Mathers’ daughter, Emilee, who suffered a back injury, is doing better. But she has bone chips that have to dissipate on their own. Continued prayers for recovery.


Betty Estill is getting better and on the road to recovery.  Continued prayers.


Rosemary Ellis is doing well from her knee replacement surgery on the 26th.



Other Announcements:


Morning Watch update – the Morning Watch is again being posted on the CUMC website at:


Manville Family Newsletter


The newest edition of the Manville family’s newsletter can be found at -




This coming Sunday 


UPDATE - Wycliffe Bible Translation in Papua, New Guinea - the Manville’s


Snacks will be provided by the England’s


Our closing prayer will be given by Barb Petsel


Next Men’s Breakfast


The next PACE Men’s Breakfast will be at 8:00 am, Jan. 25th, at Tony's,

909 W. Spring Creek, Plano.


Join a Committee!


A new Sunday School year begins at the beginning of September and some people are needed to step up and take a leadership position. All of the committees in the PACE class are working hard to make the Class vibrant with great programs and great fellowship. All members are strongly encouraged to be a part of one of the committees. Volunteers and those who can help when needed are especially needed for these committees: Care, Leadership, Greeters, and Program. 



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